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The following options are available on all rifles and actions

Barrel fluting X8
$150.00 USD

Helical bolt fluting X6
$150.00 USD

Muzzle brakes with protective cap
$150.00 USD

Proprietary PGW custom ultra light scope mounts (specify scope)
$180.00 USD

Adjustable stock hardware

Jewell trigger with safety
$180.00 USD

Removable clip assembly (stainless)
$190.00 USD

Hinged floorplate assembly
$60.00 USD

Carbon fiber barrel wrap (from Christensen Arms)
$550.00 USD

PGW custom Titanium firing pin w/speedlock spring
$125.00 USD

PGW 3 position safety assembly
$325.00 USD

PGW take down system
$1,500.00 USD

Custom black Teflon finish
$350.00 USD


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