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Photo Gallery

Jim Shockey and Ross Spagrud hunting black bear on Vancouver Island.
April 2001.

Ted and Steve discussing the finer points of firearms, guitars, and hunting.
Winnipeg, Mb. July 2000.

"Steve's corner"

Part of our 2001 SCI display.
Las Vegas, Jan., 2001

Don't ask.  We don't do this type of work anymore.

Ross loading the mighty 416 PGW!!!
400 grain Barnes X at 3000+fps.
(based on the 505 Gibbs case)

Nice shot of our proprietary PGW Titanium base set up.
It is affixed with 1/4"X28 bolts that go through the ring,
base, and receiver.

PGW Muzzle brake.  

M15Ti tactical in 308

Steve's F class rifle in 260 Rem.

Our double ejector system!!  It really kicks out those big magnum cases.

M18 series bolt w/helical fluting option.

PGW takedown system in M18 SS
338 Win. Magnum

COYOTE and Shehane Tracker.

Jim Shockey's 338 Ultra Mag M18Ti.

Titanium actions before.

....and after.

Rick Pollock's COYOTE BR rifle.

Detail of TIMBERWOLF showing the mechanical ejector.

Left and right hand "twins" in 7.21 Tomahawk (M15Ti's w/carbon wrap)

Group fired with Mike Pack's M15 rifle in 7.82 Patriot.

Another group from Mike's Patriot.

M15 SS in 17 Remington.  This rifle averages groups under
.400 @100 yards with factory ammunition.

Ross Spagrud's personal COYOTE Tactical rifle in 308.
This rifle averages .420 with 175 grain Sierra Match King
bullets @100 yards.

Group fired by Rick Pollock at Tacoma, Washington
BR match @200 yards with his COYOTE based BR rifle.
Rick also won the 200 yard agg. at this event.  

USMC sniper "on the TIMBERWOLF" at Gagetown.

The view from firing point "4" at Gagetown.  This range exceeds 2000 meters.

Sniper and Spotter in full kit w/TIMBERWOLF

Ross Spagrud on the firing line at CFB Gagetown during Military

Patrick Macchia's first time firing a rifle.  Remember kids, start them off right!

Eric Spagrud on his first deer hunt!

Ross preparing to test fire one our new 50 BMG Tactical Systems.

Ross, Ethan and George Bush Sr. at SCI.

Ross and belt fed 223 at live fire excercise outside of Las Vegas.

Steve's new F class 6.5 WSM!!

"On the line" at the BCRA Sniper Championships in British Columbia.
June 30/02

Steve "shooting movers" at the match.

"COYOTE" on the line.

Friend and customer Mike Pack with some Masai in Tanzania.

Steve's winning form from the MPRA/DCRA F class Championships
July 2002

Suppressed 338 Lapua TImberwolf system at CFB Gagetown
"Sniper Concentration"


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