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Current News and Events

Jan. 2001-Las Vegas Nevada
Safari Club International's yearly convention is not to be missed.  We exhibit at this
event yearly and I always look forward to it!

April 2001-Vancouver Island British Columbia:  
Russ Mehling and myself hunted with Jim Shockey's Pacific Rim Guides and Outfitters for
Black Bear on Vancouver Island.  It was the finest bear hunting I have ever seen with 57
DIFFERENT bears seen in 3 days of hunting.  We tagged out on two huge bears during
this hunt and the entire experience was incredible.  Many thanks to Jim, Guy and Sean for
making this the black bear hunt of a lifetime.  This hunt is all "spot and stalk."

April 2001-Morris Manitoba
I was invited to give the keynote address at the Manitoba Bowhunting Records Club/Archers and
Bowhunters Association banquet in Morris Manitoba.  I would like to thank the executives of both
these clubs for the opportunity to present activism techniques that will ensure the future of our
hunting and firearms owning communities for generations to come.  I gave this presentation in my
capacity as the Manitoba Representative of the Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance and I am
extremely proud to be associated with this fine, proactive group and all of it's members.

June 2001-Winnipeg Manitoba
Myself and good friends Ron Penner, Charlotte Macchia, and Russ Mehling organized a debate
with local animal rights activists intent on shutting down the spring bear hunt here in Manitoba.
This is a very important issue for all hunters as it personifies the "divide and conquer" techniques
used by the anti hunting crowd to achieve their goals.  I am pleased to report that our opponents
were not able to win a single point over the course of the 90 minute forum and the truth about
our honorable hunting heritage was heard by all.

July 2001-Fort Belknap Montana
Dr. Ross Stimpson and myself attended our fourth "Prairie Dog Conference" in Montana.  As
always, a great time was had by all.  

August 2001-Winnipeg Manitoba
Steve Altstadt won the Provincial F class championships with his M15SS in 260 Rem.
Congratulations Steve!!  This is Steve's second consecutive championship.

August 2001-Winnipeg Manitoba
Our new website is launched!!!  The old site was badly outdated and I apologize to all
customers who were not able to get the information they wanted off it.

Sept. 1st 2001-CFB Shilo
Thanks to Bill Martin we were able to gain access to the Elk View 1500 yard
military range at CFB Shilo to fine tune our COYOTE and TIMBERWOLF
Tactical Systems prior to our Gagetown military demonstrations.
All rifles displayed exceptional accuracy to 1000 yards and beyond.

Sept.  2001-CFB Gagetown New Brunswick
We have been invited to demonstrate our products at the annual "sniper concentration"
at CFB Gagetown.  This event attracts sniper teams from all over the world and  we look
forward to some positive feedback from this highly specialized group of sharpshooters.

Sept. 9th 2001
We have just returned from the "Sniper Concentration" at CFB Gagetown in New
Brunswick.  This event is by invitation and features competitors from the Canadian
Forces, RCMP, various police agencies, the USMC, U.S. Army Rangers, and several
other elite organizations.  I am pleased to report that our TIMBERWOLF system in 338
Lapua performed beyond the regular standards for this caliber out to 1500 meters
and all  users (over 50) gave it excellent grades.  Our COYOTE 7.62 system also
garnered similar praise.  We wish to thank the organizers of this event for the invitation
and also the many dedicated warriors from the military and law enforcement communities
for their help and insight.

Sept. 9th 2001
Steve Altstadt and Bruce Macdonald won the CFB Shilo sniper shoot for the third
year in a row.  Within minutes of arriving in Winnipeg from Gagetown Steve was off
to Shilo to defend his title with the TIMBERWOLF and COYOTE tactical systems that
were tested the day before by some of the best sniper teams in the world.  In this event
targets were engaged out to 1000 yards and team PGW cleared the course(22 targets)
in under 5 minutes.

Sept. 13th 2001
Charlotte gets her bear!!!  Please see the Trophy Room for picture.  Normally somebody
killing a bear would not be mentioned in this section however this one is special.  Charlotte
represents a demographic critical to the future of our hunting and shooting heritage and
with her own will, aided by several friends she was able to cleanly kill her first animal
with a PGW rifle.  We are proud to have played a small part in this event and we wish her
the best of luck in her future hunting and shooting endeavors.

March 15th/02
Ross, Steve, Roxanne and Ethan will be exhibiting at the Safari Club International's
Convention in Las Vegas from March 20th-23rd 2002.  We are booth 2210 at the
Sands Expo Center.  See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 18th/02
Steve and I were able to sample a wide variety of full auto firepower in the Nevada desert
and it is an experience we will not soon forget.

March 26th/02
We just returned from another incredible Safari Club International Convention.
Thanks to all of our new and old clients who ordered rifles.

June 30th/02
Steve Altstadt along with his shooting partner Don Hall win the BCRA Sniper Championships
in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia.  This tough and challenging event was attended
by teams from the United States and Canada representing Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian
groups.  Steve was declared the Grand Champion by placing second in the individual match and
placing first (along with Don) in the team event.  Congratulations to Steve and Don on their

July 28th/02
Steve Altstadt wins the MPRA/DCRA Provincial F class championships for the third year in a row.
Congratulations to Steve!


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